black tutu dress, giorgio armani jacket, hermes hat, jeffrey campbell shoes

I can still remember my 2nd grade ballet teacher crying out directions - first position, tendu, watch your posture! Going through the requisite girly rite of passage of ballet lessons and having the dream of becoming a sugar plum fairy in the Christmas performance of the Nutcracker had it's merits (putting on that pink leotard, skirt, and slippers and entering that studio was like entering a world of gracefulness and beauty) and downfalls (sometimes, it's nice to have more than one hobby), but at times I wish that my ballet days aren't behind me. Maybe I'll go back to it one day, but for now, all I can do is slip on a piece of fashion inspired ballet from time to time. 

On a side note - the shoes are probably the most awesome thing in the world. They're chunky sandals with, wait for it... BUILT IN ROLLERBLADES. Yup. Pure awesome. 




I'm back! Officially a high school graduate and refreshed thanks to a senior trip to Bali, Indonesia (where I took the above photo, but more on that another time). I haven't scheduled an internship this summer to make space for family and friends before moving to the US, but because of that, I've been feeling like I have too much time on my hands (oh, the irony...). So, my summer to do list:

#1 Explore. 
For someone who has lived in Taipei for so many years, I know very little about it and don't have an encyclopedia of secret little cafes and shops in my head. Well, it's time to change that. A little late, but better late than never right? Just hoping that the weather improves..... I need sun! 

And when I'm in the US, I hope to venture into the streets of Philadelphia armed with a camera, looking into every nook and cranny and trying a real Philly cheesesteak. 

#2 Learn. A lot.
I hope to learn a new language, at least to the conversational level. Maybe french? Russian? Arabic?

With no experience with coding nor a passion  about computer science (social studies for the win) I hope to learn to code. A video with Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg sparked an interest. Who knows, maybe this will lead to a potential major! Or maybe not. 

Also want to cook more.

Last thing! I've always wanted to learn how to play the ukelele. At least know I can't use "no time" or "homework" as a reason for not doing this!

#3 Get fit. 
As someone who will be joining the xc team in the fall, this goal isn't only about the weight I've gained (senior 15 anyone?). Hoping to reach my old PR's at least or beat them! 

There are a ton of other little things I hope to do, but if I write about all of them, this post will surely be more than a few pages long. Here's to doing more than nothing for the next 3 months. Do you have any plans?





With IB exams and graduation, I have been busy all the time. Though I have only recently started this blog, I've realized that I do need to take a break and focus on academics until summer vacation (after graduation! Can't believe it..). I will leave you with photos of Chili's chocolate molten cake (LOVE) and our class senior prank (success!). 

a bit of a reward after a run 

required being at school at 3 AM...

See you soon.




h&m top, zara shorts, kate spade bracelets, chloe bag,
 kate spade flats, spontaneously made DIY flower headband. 

Twas an overcast day. Plans to make a trip to the beach for a day of surfing had been pushed aside due to the fact that weather forecasts in Taiwan are always inaccurate. Rather than moping around, we decided to do something a little bit adventurous - by our standards anyways. 

Randomly riding the MRT, we ended up somewhere I've never been before that had a park with a what seemed to be an abandoned building with some pretty awesome graffiti. 




As per the usual Taiwanese spring, it was cloudy and depressing the day a friends and I went biking. The salty smell of the air definitely made the day infinitely times better. I've always been a fan of being near the ocean, but don't venture out from the city to Dan Shui very much. I also have not biked in years. Let's just say the saying that "you never forget how to ride a bike" is not entirely true. Riding on the trail, peeps outfitted in skin-tight, pro-looking, costumes whizzed past me, shouting slightly insulting things along the way. At least my clumsiness was entertaining to my friends rather than embarrassing. The bikes were also awesome. They looked super quaint and had baskets to boot!

Opting for comfort > style though, I chose to pull on an American Apparel sweatshirt and a pair of Nike shorts. The bright coral hue of the sneakers though, made me happy. Got to love attempting to blind people with neon hues.

I ended the day with a stroll through the night market, eating ice cream taller than my head an wasting more than a few dollars on a claw game, trying to win a Finn (from Adventure Time) doll for my sister.

All in all, a good day, despite the fact that I failed to get a tan because of the overcast weather. #firstworldproblems.




It's spring break here, though one would never think it considering the recent dreary weather of Taipei. To cheer myself up, I've taken up wearing bright colours. More specifically, PINK. Maybe it's the Elle Woods in me, but I think that pink is pretty. Though at times, it can get a little too girly-girl, I've opted for a skirt that leans slightly coral. It's the mom's side of me that has me analysing colours like this (there is a difference between oxblood, crimson, and maroon!). 

I've never really been one to explore the many narrow streets of Taipei, but on the way to shop for DIY necessities, we found this little spot to shoot at. I'm actually standing on top of a 4 foot ledge (in flatforms no less!). Being Taiwan, my friend and I garnered more than a few stares. In the more business - central, conservative downtown, even an outfit like this that most would not consider too out there would receive more than a few second looks. The introvert in me battles my fashion loving side daily when contemplating what to wear.




hair images from tumblr

In terms of college decisions, today is my D-Day. The vain part of me has decided to push aside all thoughts of all that and decided to stress about hair instead. It seems as if I am never completely happy with a new haircut. Too short, too long, meh, I can always seem to find a problem. Even so, my hair is something that I always want to change, though I have never had the guts to just lop it all off. Recently though, I've been thinking about getting a chop. As the season warms up, my lemming for shorter locks grow, but the fear of an awkward cut that will take months to grow back puts me off. Especially since I'll be starting university in a few short months, I'm afraid of doing something I will regret. First impressions matter after all!
I've had long, straight hair for the majority of my life (which has been handy for my lazy day top knots and braids) and besides a purple ombre, I've never really taken a drastic risk with my hair. It's quite a small thing to do on the risk scale, but the Alexa Chung fangirl in me is telling me to just go for it while images of cuts gone wrong run through my mind.
So. To chop or not?