It's spring break here, though one would never think it considering the recent dreary weather of Taipei. To cheer myself up, I've taken up wearing bright colours. More specifically, PINK. Maybe it's the Elle Woods in me, but I think that pink is pretty. Though at times, it can get a little too girly-girl, I've opted for a skirt that leans slightly coral. It's the mom's side of me that has me analysing colours like this (there is a difference between oxblood, crimson, and maroon!). 

I've never really been one to explore the many narrow streets of Taipei, but on the way to shop for DIY necessities, we found this little spot to shoot at. I'm actually standing on top of a 4 foot ledge (in flatforms no less!). Being Taiwan, my friend and I garnered more than a few stares. In the more business - central, conservative downtown, even an outfit like this that most would not consider too out there would receive more than a few second looks. The introvert in me battles my fashion loving side daily when contemplating what to wear.