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In terms of college decisions, today is my D-Day. The vain part of me has decided to push aside all thoughts of all that and decided to stress about hair instead. It seems as if I am never completely happy with a new haircut. Too short, too long, meh, I can always seem to find a problem. Even so, my hair is something that I always want to change, though I have never had the guts to just lop it all off. Recently though, I've been thinking about getting a chop. As the season warms up, my lemming for shorter locks grow, but the fear of an awkward cut that will take months to grow back puts me off. Especially since I'll be starting university in a few short months, I'm afraid of doing something I will regret. First impressions matter after all!
I've had long, straight hair for the majority of my life (which has been handy for my lazy day top knots and braids) and besides a purple ombre, I've never really taken a drastic risk with my hair. It's quite a small thing to do on the risk scale, but the Alexa Chung fangirl in me is telling me to just go for it while images of cuts gone wrong run through my mind.
So. To chop or not?



  1. Hi Ann! Following your lovely blog now. Love your tagline - just adorable.


  2. I'd say chop! spring is always a great time to test out a new look. and hair will grow back if you don't like it!

    xoxo, alicia