As per the usual Taiwanese spring, it was cloudy and depressing the day a friends and I went biking. The salty smell of the air definitely made the day infinitely times better. I've always been a fan of being near the ocean, but don't venture out from the city to Dan Shui very much. I also have not biked in years. Let's just say the saying that "you never forget how to ride a bike" is not entirely true. Riding on the trail, peeps outfitted in skin-tight, pro-looking, costumes whizzed past me, shouting slightly insulting things along the way. At least my clumsiness was entertaining to my friends rather than embarrassing. The bikes were also awesome. They looked super quaint and had baskets to boot!

Opting for comfort > style though, I chose to pull on an American Apparel sweatshirt and a pair of Nike shorts. The bright coral hue of the sneakers though, made me happy. Got to love attempting to blind people with neon hues.

I ended the day with a stroll through the night market, eating ice cream taller than my head an wasting more than a few dollars on a claw game, trying to win a Finn (from Adventure Time) doll for my sister.

All in all, a good day, despite the fact that I failed to get a tan because of the overcast weather. #firstworldproblems.


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